Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Aggos. 

We are pleased that you're visiting. Many visitors have asked for a little background and history of Aggos. 

Nearly 25 years ago, one of our founders, Dr. Shawn Mathis, a preacher at the time, found himself in between pulpit positions. As he sought to connect with other churches, the only way to network and connect with other congregations was to go to the brotherhood universities and ask for lists of congregations that were looking for Pulpit Preachers. He had to order the list and then send by (snail) mail his photo, information and a cassette tape of his preaching to potentially interested congregations. There was no connectivity in the Church of Christ community that allowed him to find what he was looking for. 

The idea to connect the global Church of Christ was born at that time. This was well before the internet age and it would be two decades before acceptable technology existed to properly serve the global fellowship.  

Aggos seeks to provide online connectivity in a variety of ways.

First, the Aggos.com flagship online community. 

What is Aggos.com? 

It's an online social network exclusively launched for the global Church of Christ. 

What does Aggos mean?

It is greek for "vessel." That's what we are - a vessel, a tool. You get out what you put in. 

How is Aggos.com curated? 

Aggos.com is an invitation-only, Church of Christ social network. We monitor new members by asking each new member to attest to their good standing in a Church of Christ fellowship. We rely on members to monitor live feed posts and all content. 

Is Aggos.com a not for profit? 

Aggos.com is a for-profit enterprise. Aggos provides exclusive technologies, solutions, and resources to the Church of Christ community. These resources are expensive and require some revenue to provide effectively. Aggos founders have chosen to leverage these technologies in ways that allow use by the entire church of Christ fellowship in many ways that will remain free. Many features will be quite worth the price of use given the growing global reach of the Aggos community of sites. 

How will Aggos.com affect the autonomy of the local congregations in the Church of Christ? 

Aggos.com in no way conflicts with the autonomy of the Church of Christ. In fact, Aggos is specifically designed to simply operate as a tool - a vessel - so that the church can be the church, elders can be elders, ministers can be ministers, etc. While we are members of the church of Christ, Aggos is simply a framework on which to communicate and in no way seeks to take the place of the church. Aggos provides resources and tools that promote connectivity, fellowship, and the work of sponsoring churches in mission work, local work, and Church of Christ programming. 

How does Aggos.com and its community of sites protect privacy? 

Aggos.com's underlying technology adheres to the European Union's strict GDPR privacy rules and by virtue of its curated community standards, Aggos.com is well ahead of the more common networks as it relates to the way it respects the privacy of its users.

Does Aggos.com provide support? 

Yes. Aggos.com features a staffed Support Ticket system in the navigation menu of its site, Aggos.com as well as support on all associated web sites.

May someone interested in promoting their business, mission, university program, school, or event, promote it on Aggos.com? 

Yes. There are numerous ways to partner with Aggos.com and its community of sites to gain better reach in the global Church of Christ. Email inquiries@aggos.com or Brandon Edwards if you'd like to explore advertising within the Aggos community. 


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