• European Missions

    Search for, engage with, and learn about the great works going on in Europe.

  • Social Connections

    Share Christian ideas and values with like-minded friends.

  • A Missions Hub

    A place where missions, missionaries, and mission support becomes visible to our global community.

  • Austral Realm Missions

    Search for, engage with, and learn about the great works going on in the Austral Realm.

  • Urban Missions

    Connect with those doing great things in the great cities of the world.

  • North African Missions

    Search for, engage with, and learn about the great works going on in North Africa.

  • Indian Missions

    Learn all about some of the fastest-growing churches in the world - in India.

  • British Missions

    Come and learn all about the history of missions in the UK and other English speaking nations.

  • Rural Missions

    Learn all about missions to the rural communities around our globe and add your voice to the conversation.

  • South African Missions

    Join the conversation about how to reach the lost in South Africa.

  • World Religions

    Come and join the conversation about world religions and how to share the gospel cross-religiously.

  • Touristic Missions

    When you travel, do you connect with the local brothers and sisters? Come and join in and learn how to encourage, uplift, and engage those who have a like faith.

  • Missiology

    Come and join the discussions on Missiology, anthropology, cultural anthropology, education, history, and the human condition.




With Aggos you’ll discover a multitude of opportunities for members, elders, preachers, and missionaries.

Aggos, in its simplicity, is an online connectivity platform for the global Churches of Christ as a ministry of the Nashville Church of Christ in Nashville, TN. We are dedicated to the growth of the church through evangelistic outreach, missions, and missiology through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Aggos is a place for discussions, interactions, and conversations about what is happening in the world of missions, how the churches are doing around the world, and how we can better support the work of evangelism and missions. Within Aggos you will find a safe and curated digital community that will allow for and encourage the fellowship of ideas and values that we all hold dear. Aggos was designed for you – all of you - as we reach out to the lost and dying world.